Monday, April 12, 2010

Installing a Basement Sump Pump

By Mark J. Donovan

If your basement has a regular water problem your only solution maybe to install a basement sump pump.

To install a basement sump pump properly it should be located in the lowest area of the basement. A hole should be punched through the basement floor and the sump pump mounted down into it. The installation of a sump pump can easily set you back over a $1000 if installed by a professional.

Besides the installation of the sump pump, a GFCI electrical outlet may need to be installed near it. In addition, if your basement requires the need for a sump pump you should also consider installing a portable backup generator. When sump pumps are needed the most, e.g. during heavy rain storms, the threat of a power outage is heighted. Heavy rain and winds, loss of electricity, and an inoperable sump pump due to the lack of a backup generator is a certifiable recipe for a flooded basement.

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