Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Clean Gutters in Early Spring

Clogged Gutters and Heavy Spring Rains can Lead to Undesired Roof Runoff

By Mark J. Donovan

The familiar phrase often repeated in early spring that goes like this: “April showers bring May flowers” should be amended to include a reference to cleaning gutters. With heavy spring rains it is a wise idea to clean out the gutters as soon as there is a hint of above freezing temperatures. Leaves and tree branches that may have fallen into the gutters can cause them to clog up. With heavy spring rains, un-cleaned gutters can overflow their side walls and spill roof rain water where it has not been designed or desired to go.

So make cleaning gutters in early spring an annual ritual and let the “April showers bring May flowers” phrase be a siren call as a reminder to clean your gutters.

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