Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creating Garage Attic Living Space

By Mark J. Donovan

A garage attached to the main part of your home may lend itself nicely to finishing the garage attic. Frequently a garage has a large enough footprint to create some fantastic garage attic living space. For example garage attic living space can be used for such things as an in-law apartment, a recreation room, or a home office.

If you have a large garage attic space that you are contemplating finishing, there are a number of key items that you need to first consider. I have summarized those items below.

- Ingress/Egress – How will you access the garage attic living space, e.g. stairs or a door from the main home?
- How much standard headroom height will be able to be created and is it adequate for your needs and local building code requirements?
- Natural Light – Attics can be dark and hot places. Where will you add windows and/or skylights?
- Will plumbing be required and if so, how will tie into the main home?
- How will you cool or heat the garage attic space?
- Safety – Finishing garage attic space has specific fire and ventilation concerns that will necessitate using drywall in the garage first level, as well in the attic space. In addition you will need to include smoke and carbon monoxide sensors in your plans.

If you can properly address these concerns then finishing your garage addition attic space may be an excellent way to gain more living space within your home.

For more information on finishing attic space above a garage see my “Room Addition over Garage Bid Sheet”.

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Josh said...

Great tips Mark. I always encourage my customers doing garage additions to consider creating livable space above it if it is an attached addition. Who doesn't need extra space :)