Monday, June 08, 2015

Install a Paver Walkway to your Home's Entrance

Basic Instructions for Installing a Paver Walkway

Dress up the outside of your home with a paver walkway. Late spring / early summer is the perfect time of the year to install a paver walkway. Installing a paver walkway is a very affordable home improvement project and can really perk up your home's curb appeal. It is also relatively an easy DIY project, albeit it takes some physical strength.

To install a paver walkway makes sure to remove all of the topsoil where the paver walkway will be located. Preferably remove about 6 inches of soil below the topsoil.

After removing the topsoil replace it with 3/4 inch angled crushed stone and compact it down. However, leave about 2 inches for packing a layer of sand on top of it. After adding the sand and compacting it you can then install the concrete pavers.

The best way to install the pavers to ensure they are level is to use two long PVC pipes that you bury into the sand on either side of the walkway. Then use a 2x4 or other straight edge and run it along the lengths of the PVC pipes. Make sure you check to make sure the 2x4 is level when it rests on the PVC pipes. Once you confirm it is level, then slide the 2x4 along the length of the PVC pipes. This will ensure a very flat and smooth surface for placing the pavers.

Install all of the pavers that don't need cutting first. Then install the remaining cut pieces afterwards.

Once you've installed all the pavers then pour on top of it a polymeric jointing sand to lock the pavers into place.