Thursday, September 27, 2012

Removing Vacation Home Dock and Winterizing of Lake Home

With Fall in Full Swing I’ve begun Preparing My Lake Home For the Onslaught of Winter

By Mark J. Donovan

I started pulling out the dock this past weekend up at my new lake home. Surprisingly I think it can be a one man project, and I may not even have to get wet in the process! I was able to remove two 4’x8’ sections of the dock by simply lifting up the top surface panels, removing a couple of bolts from each frame, and then lifting the frames out of the water and walking them down the remaining dock to shore. In 15 minutes I had removed the two sections. Only another dozen sections to go. Within the next week the lake home will be dock free and prepared for the ensuing winter.
Also for winterizing my lake home I turned off water to the detached garage, via the shut-off valve in the main home. I do plan to keep heat and water running in the main home this winter, however I am installing a piece of electronics that will allow me to control the temperature in the home via my phone. With one phone call I’ll be able to switch the control of the heating system between two thermostats. One thermostat will be set for 50 degrees and the other to 70 degrees. Normally I’ll keep the home set at 50 degrees when we’re not there, and then call ahead to switch it to the 70 degree set thermostat when we plan to come up. This way the home will be toasty warm when we need it and have overall lower heating costs throughout the winter. Stay tuned for a video on the installation of this piece of electronics equipment in the next couple of weeks.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Garage Door Installation and Garage Door Seals

How to Ensure your Garage Stays Dry and Warm This Winter

By Mark J. Donovan

Going up to our lake home tonight to inspect the new garage door that I had recently installed on our detached garage. With the new garage door installed, and the new gutters that I recently installed along the roof eaves, I expect I will now have a water tight and critter free garage.

Before winter hits, you too may want to inspect your garage door for proper operation and a tight bottom seal. Make sure the bottom seal is not ripped or damaged in any way. If it is, replace it to ensure an air tight and water resistant seal. Installing a garage door bottom seal is easy to do and cost less than $20.

Also make sure the sides and top of the garage door fit snugly up against the garage door trim. There is weatherstripping that you can buy and easily install around the exterior perimeter of the garage door to ensure an air tight seal.