Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tiling a Shower

Progress on Renovating a Shower Continues

By Mark J. Donovan

I spent most of yesterday tiling my shower. This is after spending a couple of weekends removing the old ceramic tile, backer board and fiberglass shower pan, and installing new backerboard, and a mortar shower pan.

Suffice it to say renovating the shower has been a major project. One significant contributor to the work, particularly as it relates to tiling the shower, is cutting the tiles in my garage. Though this has helped to prevent a colossal mess in the bathroom and given me room to work, it has meant lots of running up and down stairs, 1.5 flights. I feel like I have been on a stair stepper for 2 hours and completed about a 1,000 squats.

I expect to wrap up tiling the shower walls today, however not until I first go out and purchase a new tile saw. My existing tile saw has seen its last days. It was a cheap tile saw that I bought for $75 at HQ (yes HQ) many years ago, and I have probably completed 20 tile projects with it. The motor has about had it, even with a sharp blade. So I guess it is time to bite the bullet.

After wrapping up the tiling on the shower walls, I will then move onto the shower floor. This will be a little tricky due mainly to the curb. The size and shape of the curb is creating some extra challenges.

Hopefully by next weekend I will be able to grout the tiles and be ready for the final plumbing.

Once complete look for a couple of more videos on learning how to tile shower walls, and apply grout.

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