Sunday, January 03, 2010

Removing Shower Ceramic Wall Tile

A New Video on the Removal of Ceramic Wall Tile from a Shower Stall

By Mark J. Donovan

In the below video, I show the first stage in remodeling a custom ceramic tile shower, the removal of the shower ceramic wall tile.

When removing shower ceramic wall tile make sure you where safety goggles and leather gloves as chips of ceramic tile fly everywhere. This 3’x3’ shower stall area took about 3 hours to completely remove the ceramic wall tiles. I used a hammer, heavy duty chisel, and a utility knife to remove the ceramic wall tile. It requires some significant hand strength as you will be swinging a hammer for an extensive period of time.

If you plan to replace your shower tile and want to keep the existing shower pan, make sure to lay cardboard in the shower pan prior to removing the ceramic wall tiles. Otherwise you may end up inadvertently destroying your shower pan.

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