Sunday, January 03, 2010

Remodeling Small Master Bedroom Bathroom

New Video Series Coming on Remodeling a Small Master Bedroom Bathroom

By Mark J. Donovan

Last week I kicked off remodeling a small master bedroom bathroom project. The bathroom is only 6’ x 8’ and includes a toilet, small vanity, and a 3’ x 3’ ceramic tile shower. Over the next two months I plan to completely remodel every aspect of the bathroom.

I have already started the process of kicking off the largest effort associated with remodeling the bathroom, the renovation of the ceramic tile shower. I have removed the old ceramic tile, the backer board, and even the fiberglass shower pan. I plan to replace the fiberglass shower pan with a mortar based shower pan so that I can tile both the shower floor and walls.

Once I complete the custom ceramic tile shower project, I plan to move on to the bathroom floor, where I will install ceramic floor tile over the existing linoleum. However, before installing the ceramic floor tile, I will remove the old bathroom vanity and toilet.

After completing the ceramic tile floor I will replace the old bathroom vanity with a new modern bathroom vanity, countertop and sink. I will, however, keep the existing toilet.

Besides the shower, floor and vanity, my small master bedroom bathroom remodeling project will also include replacing the old bathroom window, installing a new bathroom mirror, painting the bathroom walls, installing new baseboard and window trim moulding, and installing new towel bars and rings.

I plan to film all aspects of this small master bedroom bathroom remodeling project so stay tuned in the days and weeks ahead. The videos that I produce will show detailed steps on how to remodel your own small master bedroom bathroom.

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