Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Completed Custom Tiled Shower Project

By Mark J. Donovan

Last weekend I completed my latest custom tiled shower project. It was a complete custom ceramic tile shower renovation project. I have to say it came out beautiful after a lot of planning and work. The project took four weekends to complete. The first weekend was dedicated to removing the old ceramic tile and backer board. The second weekend involved installing a mortar shower pan and new cement backer board. The third weekend was dedicated to actually tiling the shower walls and shower floor. The last weekend was associated with grouting the shower walls and tiles, and doing last minute touch up items such as caulking seams.

In the process of installing the custom tiled shower I filmed and documented the entire process. I have posted a number of new videos associated with tiling a shower at HomeAdditionPlus.com. In addition, I updated my “Shower Pan Membrane Liner Installation Ebook” and generated a new Ebook titled “How to Tile a Custom Ceramic Tile Shower”. If you have plans to install your own custom shower, be sure to check out these Ebooks. They provide step by step instructions on building a custom tiled shower and are loaded with instructional pictures.

So now that I have completed the custom tile shower, I move on with my master bath remodeling project. In the ensuing weeks I will remove the old bathroom vanity and sink, as well as the toilet, and ceramic tile the bathroom floor. I will then install a new bathroom vanity and sink, and reinstall the existing toilet.

Stay tuned for more updates and videos.

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