Thursday, February 18, 2010

Replaced Garage Door Opener

Replacing a Garage Door Opener is Much Easier than installing one for the First Time

By Mark J. Donovan

Last week our garage door opener went on the fritz. After briefly attempting to get it working I came to the conclusion that the motor was fried. I am not surprised as the garage door opener was about 10 years old and got a lot of use. So I went out and purchased another 1/2hp craftsman garage door opener figuring the installation would be easier, which I am happy to report it was.

To replace the garage door opener I simply had to disconnect the motor assembly from the hanging brackets, the extended rod from the header bracket above the garage door, and the lifting arm from the garage door. All I needed to do this was a couple of wrenches.

Installing the new garage door opener was a snap. All I needed to do was assemble the chain bar sections together and attach one end to the new motor assembly. I then ran the chain around the pulley system at the far end of the bar, then back around the sprocket on the motor and then back to the sliding arm bracket on the bar. I used chain link clips to fasten the chain to the sliding arm bracket. I also attached the lifting arm to the sliding arm bracket.

I then connected the far end of the chain bar to the bracket sitting over the garage door and then raised the garage door opener motor assembly up and attached it to the existing hanging brackets. Finally, I attached the arm assembly to the garage door.

I was able to use the existing optical sensors and switch to open and close the garage door. All I had to do was connect the existing wires to the garage door opener motor assembly.

After connecting all the switch and sensor wires and plugging in the garage door opener in, I tested it out. After a few minor adjustments, with the simple twist of a couple of screws, the garage door was opening and closing properly.

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