Monday, February 08, 2010

Grouting Shower Tile

How to Grout Tile in a Ceramic Tiled Shower

By Mark J. Donovan

After installing ceramic tile on the walls and floor of a custom shower next comes grouting. Grouting shower tile is really no different than grouting any other tile. However, I do recommend starting with the shower walls and then moving on to the shower floor.

To grout shower tile you will need the standard grouting tools, which includes two buckets, a grout float, and a large sponge. A screwdriver also comes in handy.

Preparing Shower Tile for Grouting

The first step in grouting shower tile is to check the tile seams for any excess thinset mortar. Use a screwdriver to chisel away any excess grout in between seams.

Mixing Grout

To grout shower tile first mix in a bucket about 10-12 lbs of grout with about 28-32 ounces of a grout additive. Make sure to mix well until you get a pasty pancake batter consistency. This will give you enough grout to apply during a 30 minute period.

You do not want to mix up too much grout as otherwise it could become difficult to work with. In addition, you need to begin to clean the grouted shower tile within 15 to 30 minutes after applying the grout.

Grouting Shower Tiles

To grout the shower tiles, use the grout float to work in grout in between the ceramic tiles. Slide the grout float at a 45o angle over the corner joints to work the grout into them.

After applying grout to one shower wall, wipe down the grouted tile wall with a sponge and a bucket of clean water. Start the cleaning process in the order that you grouted the tiles.

To clean the grouted tiles, only make 2 or 3 sweeps with the sponge before rinsing the sponge. Make sure to keep turning the sponge in between sweeps.

After you have wiped down the first wall, grout the next wall and repeat the process. After wiping down the second wall, go back and wipe down the first wall once again.

Continue this process on all of the shower walls and then move to the shower floor.

After grouting all of the shower walls and floor, wipe them down again with a sponge and clean water after about 30 minutes.

Cheese cloth also works well to help buff the tiles to a shiny clean surface.

Sealing Grouted Shower Tile

After about 48 hours apply two applications of grout sealer over the tile and grout lines to protect the tile and grout from mold and mildew.

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