Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Wood Flooring Installation Guide

Make Sure to Hire the Right Wood Flooring Installation Contractor

By Mark J. Donovan

If you’re contemplating having a wood floor installed it’s important that you install the right wood floor product for your application and that it is installed by a true professional wood flooring installation contractor. If the wood floor is not installed properly, in short order you could find your new wood floor with unsightly gaps or even worse buckling. Finding a wood flooring installation contractor that does exceptional work, however, can be a challenge.

My wood flooring installation guide can help you in this search. My “Wood Flooring Installation Bid Sheet” from HomeAdditionPlus.com is specifically designed to help you identify the right wood flooring installation contractor for your project. It includes an in-depth questionnaire that you provide to prospective flooring contractors for them to fill out. Upon return of the completed questionnaires you can compare them to the Homeowners Advice section in the bid sheet. After comparing the various questionnaire responses to my wood flooring installation advice section of the bid sheet, you will quickly be able to determine who is the right flooring contractor for your wood floor installation project.

So before you “go-with-the-flow” and settle with a home improvement center’s recommended flooring installer, check out my “Wood Flooring Installation Bid Sheet”. Remember, a home improvement center is focused on very low cost and as a result they squeeze every possible dime out of the contractors they recommend. I’ve heard many contractor horror stories from those who have worked for one of the large home improvement box stores. As a result, the home improvement stores often hire the least skilled contractors or those willing to take short cuts to get their business. Regardless of how good the flooring product is itself, an improper installation can ruin your plans for a beautiful wood floor.

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