Friday, October 07, 2011

Locate a Basement Remodeling Contractor and Get Basement Remodeling Quotes

How to Locate The Right Basement Remodeling Contractor

By Mark J. Donovan

Are you looking at doing a basement remodel? Are you planning to do the work yourself or are you planning to hire a basement remodeling contractor. If you’re planning to do the latter, then you need my “Basement Remodeling Bid Sheet” from My “Basement Remodeling Bid Sheet” will help you find the best basement remodeling contractor for the job. It includes an extensive questionnaire that you provide to your prospective basement remodeling contractors to fill out. You can then compare the completed questionnaires with each other and with my “Homeowner Advice” section in the bid sheet. By doing an apples-to-apples comparison of completed questionnaires and comparing answers to my homeowner advice tips and recommendations, you’ll be able to hire the right contractor for your basement remodeling project.

The “Basement Remodeling Bid Sheet” also provides a wealth of additional information including projected basement remodeling costs for a sample project, timelines for completing the various phases of a basement remodeling project, and types of basement materials you may want to consider using in your project. In addition, it includes a separate basement remodeling project estimator spreadsheet tool that you can download and use to estimate and track your actual basement remodeling costs. The “Basement Remodeling Bid Sheet" will inevitably save you a small fortune in money, time and hassles in completing your own basement remodel so check it out today.

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