Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Silent Majority Will Save the United States

By Mark J. Donovan

As I watch the United States rapidly march towards a third world socialistic society, I keep asking myself what happened to our great country and is there any way we can save our nation before it goes over the precipice. The optimist in me suggests the sensibility of the silent majority will eventually rule the day, however the pessimist in me sees an unbridled fervor on the left that has never been seen before, at least not in the United States history.

As I watch the democratic socialist party work to permanently enslave our children into debt and euthanize the elderly, I find myself repeatedly asking the simple question, why. And the single one word answer that is repeatedly whispered back to me from the depths of my own mind is the word, power. Yes, power is truly what this is all about. The leftist socialist government that is currently in control of the United States and its citizens is out to attempt its own version of a utopian fantasy. However their reach for power is not limited to the United States. It is much broader in scope. It is for global domination, a one new world global order. This may sound cliché and conspiratorial in thought, but history has shown repeated examples of similar attempts at global dominance. Fortunately, and what makes me optimistic, is that none has ever succeeded, at least for very long.

At some point innate human natural survival instincts click in and the silent majority stands up and roars. How soon the silent majority reacts to an overreach in power is a function of how fast and hard their way of life is threatened. Today’s democratic socialist party is smart and understands they have limited time to get the noose around our children and seniors necks. No better example of this is the current 1 Trillion dollar health care legislation bills that are being pushed through the house and senate on late Saturday evenings, when news outlets and citizens are paying little attention to their government. Like history’s other corrupt power grabbing politicians, they underestimate human nature. Even though the citizens maybe a little late recognizing what is going on, they eventually do. And when they do, like all corrupt leaders their time is up.

I am hopeful that before the democratic socialist party attempts to sell Alaska to China to pay down some of the United States debt, as well as to prevent Sarah Palin from running for higher office, that the citizens of this great country will see the democratic leadership for what it is. The 60’s generation extremists still looking for that one final trip, where they and everyone else in the world is singing Kum Bay Yah.


Anonymous said...

Such a sad, scared little child. Hide in the corner, with your guns, and wait for the Apocalypse.

First, your silent majority is neither silent nor a majority. Discuss. Your teaparties and whining only serve to isolate you from the centrist America you're so worried about.

Second, as far as enslaving my children with debt? Where is your post back 5 or 6 years ago when the neocons started an illegal war and increased our deficit by $4 trillion dollars. Enough to pay for universal health care for 60 years. Not to mention the Medicare D prescription drug fiasco.

The fantastic hypocrisy of today's Republicans - their refusal to come to terms with their own responsibility for the current fiscal crisis, their attempt to project their own profligacy onto a new administration struggling with one of the toughest economic legacies of any White House since Reagan - makes me ill.

So, you can make yourself feel all warm inside calling people names. But we're going to continue to try to help the poor, the education system, the health system, and the rights of all Americans - not just the rich white folks - and smile as we continue to roll through election after election...

TheBuilder said...

The above comment really sums up whats wrong with the United States today. There are too many folks like this expecting someone else to pay for their utopian fantasy. Unfortunately these people just don't get it. You can't spend what you or I don't have, and you can't help people if you first can't help yourself.

I believe the below modification of the famous line spoken from President Kennedy sums up where we really need to be today.

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for yourself.

Maybe once we each have taken responsiblity for ourselves we can help others.