Sunday, November 01, 2009

Going Throttles Up on

Starting in November HomeAdditionPlus is Priority One

By Mark J. Donovan

Well after 5 years of running and on a part-time basis, I have decided to go full throttle. Starting this month I will be dedicating all of my working days to these two websites in order to bring site visitors more helpful DIY home improvement information.

I have been stunned by the rapid growth in site traffic to, particularly over the past couple of years. In addition I have been impressed with the amount and quality of questions coming in from site visitors. As a result, I have decided that for the benefit of my site visitors, and for the pure enjoyment I get from answering their questions, I want to dedicate myself full time to both and

I want to personally thank my site visitors for their continued support and interest in and, and I look forward to helping them and others in my future endeavors with these two sites.

Throttles UP!!!


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