Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ceramic Tile Shower Maintenance

A Properly Maintained Ceramic Tile Shower Can Keep Its Beauty Indefinitely

By Mark J. Donovan

Installing a new ceramic tile shower can really make a master bathroom suite shine. However, regular ceramic tile shower maintenance is crucial for maintaining its beauty. If not properly maintained, a ceramic tile shower can quickly become laced with mold and mildew, showing up particularly on grout lines.

Ceramic tile shower maintenance is fairly simple to do, although it does require some discipline. First and foremost, it is imperative to wipe down the ceramic tile shower walls and floor after each use. You can use a towel or a squeegee to do this, but whatever you decided upon as a tool, it is critical to use the tool after each shower.

The second major ceramic tile shower maintenance item you need to do is to seal the ceramic tile and grout periodically, typically once every year or so. Grout and certain types of ceramic tile are porous. Consequently they can absorb moisture. Moisture will undoubtedly lead to mold and mildew growth, thus the imperative to seal the grout and tile. There are many grout and tile sealers to choose from and they are easy to apply to a ceramic tile shower. Simply wipe on, wait a couple of minutes, and then wipe off any excess material.

So if you want to maintain the beauty of your new ceramic tile shower, make sure you become disciplined in proper ceramic tile shower maintenance.

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