Saturday, July 21, 2012

Find Custom Home Furnishing Artisans at’s HouseSight

Find Custom Home Artisans at
HouseSight is an on Online Community for Finding and Commissioning Custom Home Furniture Makers and Home Décor Artisans

By Mark J. Donovan

As a consumer, at’s “HouseSight” you can view all types of home furnishing and home décor products handcrafted by custom home furnishing artisans. As an artisan, or a consumer/homeowner, you can post as many of your own custom designed and crafted projects as you like. Best of all there’s no cost to using HouseSight.

To post home related projects on HouseSight, simply register, enter your profile information, and begin posting projects. With each project posting you can upload an unlimited number of pictures, write a description, and even imbed a video of the project. That’s it! No hassles or costs whatsoever.

As a HouseSight member you can take advantage of messaging members who’ve posted projects. In addition, you can rank projects and go directly to the artisan’s web page if they so choose to post a link to it on HouseSight. In addition, you can leave reviews on items purchased from an artisan whose posted projects on HouseSight.

So whether you’re a homeowner or renter check out HouseSight today to find the right custom artisan that can realize your home furnishing dreams. And if you’re an artisan, be it a furniture maker or home décor accessory craftsperson, begin posting your projects and promoting your business for free at HouseSight.

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