Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finally Closed on New Lake Home

We’re Moved in and the Home Improvement Projects on our new Lake Home are Under Way
By Mark J. Donovan

Last week we closed on our new lake house on Lake Winnipesaukee and moved in. We love the new home and property as it is very spacious and bright. In particular we love the new property and waterfront. The property has 124 feet of water frontage and goes back approximately 335 feet. The waterfront views are spectacular. The home was built in 1999 so it is still quite modern.
Since moving in I’ve already stained the deck and the back of the home to address some rust stains caused by a rusted out chimney cap. In addition, I had to fix a small plumbing leak associated with the master bathroom Jacuzzi tub. Other than those couple of issues, and needing a little TLC cleaning, the house is in impeccable order. Stay tuned for more information and home improvement projects associated with this home.

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