Monday, November 22, 2010 among Top DIY Home Improvement Video Channels

Three separate and independent articles recently ranked, and its associated video channels, as one of the top home improvement video destinations on the internet.

“Clean-cut and coherent, Donovan’s straight talking approach is easy viewing…” reports Amy-Mae Elliott of

Similarly, Leslie Baird of reported’s Youtube channel as one of the best DIY and Home Improvement channels on the internet.

Also, miamercado of stated relative to that “These tutorials not only show you which tools you need, but how to properly use them, so you don’t have to find a channel with a "How to Sew Your Fingers Back On" video.”

"It’s fantastic getting this type of positive feedback about and its associated video channels. It takes an incredible amount of time filming, editing, and posting home improvement videos, and to hear positive responses from the diy home improvement community and media is just terrific news”, said Mark Donovan, Founder and CEO of

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