Monday, November 01, 2010

High Energy Bills are often Related to Window and Door Leaks

By Mark J. Donovan

Check your home's exterior doors and windows for cold drafts this fall. Much of the heat loss associated with a home comes from damaged or non-existent door and window weatherstripping. Weatherstripping can lose its resiliency and end up not forming a tight seal up against window sashes and door frames.

If your home's windows are old, consider replacing them with double pane low-E glass windows. Prices on replacement windows varies dramatically, however even the cheapest ones will do a better job of lowering your home energy bills than an old drafty window that does not close or open properly.

See's "Wood Replacement Window Installation" to learn more.

Likewise, if your doors are old, drafty and provide poor insulation R-value consider replacing them as well.

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