Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My Recovering Lawn

By Mark J. Donovan

Between this past summer’s heat, lack of rain and grubs my lawn was virtually destroyed this summer. At first I thought it was just the lack of rain and the heat that was killing my lawn. However after observing the crows pecking at my lawn in the early morning in August, I quickly realized it was more than just the drought and heat conditions that were killing the lawn.

Due to the fact that I have a private well with only moderate capacity, watering the lawn was not an option to address the drought issue. Resolving the grub issue, however, was something that I could address. Initially I applied Spectracide to my lawn and noticed moderate success with killing the grubs. A month later I dethatched the lawn and then applied Grubex and fertilizer. The following week I over-seeded the lawn with grass seed after confirming rain was finally on the way. A week or so later, with a couple of days of rain during that time, I began to see some sprigs of new grass. Unfortunately a week later I realized there were still quite a few bare patches, where the new grass seed did not germinate. Consequently I went out again and over-seeded the lawn once more. At this time I am happy to report that all of the new grass seed has germinated and the lawn is now in full recovery.

Though I still won’t be able to do much during the next hot and dry summer, I will inspect my lawn periodically for signs of grubs and apply a grub killer as necessary.

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