Sunday, May 06, 2012

Be Wary when Hiring a Deck Installation Contractor in the Spring

Spring time is Peak Demand for Hiring Decking Contractors

By Mark J. Donovan

Finding and hiring a decking contractor in the spring time can be quite the challenge. Homeowners are anxious to start enjoying their decks again, and deck contractors have had all winter to book their spring schedules. Consequently spring time is the most important time of the year to be vigilant about whom you hire for installing a deck. Many guys that can barely use a hammer, saw, and carpenters square often jump into the deck construction business because the barrier of entry is so low. For the naive homeowner that hires this type of decking contractor he/she quickly learns that the only real skill the decking contractor had was the gift of gab.

Deck construction done improperly can lead to many problems down the road. For example, if the deck is not properly attached to the home, water damage and rot can quickly occur where the deck attaches to the home. Also, with many new composite decking materials, joists need to be spaced on 12 inch centers. Deck installation contractors inexperienced with installing composite decking boards, or who are simply trying to save money for themselves, will space the joists at 16 or 24 inches on center. The net effect to you the homeowner is a deck that that has permanently sagging decking boards between deck joists.

My deck installation hiring guide, or bid sheet, is the perfect tool for locating and hiring the right decking contractor for your deck construction project. It will help to ensure you hire the right decking contractor so that you dramatically mitigate the risks of cost overruns, schedule slips and major frustrations. As for the thousands of homeowners who’ve already purchased the deck installation bid sheet can attest to, the cost for this product is a mere pittance to the money they know they’ve saved by screening out and not hiring a shady decking contractor. So order my Deck Installation Bid Sheet today from, a home improvement website that has been helping millions of homeowners since 2005.

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