Sunday, September 11, 2011

Painting Octagon Window

By Mark J. Donovan

Over the past few weeks my wife, daughter and I have been slowly renovating my daughter’s room. We’ve added a fresh coat of paint to the walls and most importantly have been painstakingly painting all of the wood stained trim and doors in the room. This weekend’s project was painting the octagon window in the room. The octagon window was stained years ago, but it also suffered from some water stains.

After removing the octagon window from the window frame we sealed the window with Bin sealer before painting it with two coats of white paint.

Reinstalling the octagon window into the window frame was a bit of a challenge. At one point I found myself crawling out the octagon window frame and onto the adjacent roof to pick up a piece of plastic trim that had fallen off the window. Suffice it to say my wife and daughter got a good kick out of seeing me worm through such a tight opening. But, by the end of the afternoon we had reinstalled the window and it was transformed into a thing of beauty.

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