Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Why Become a HouseSight Member

By Mark J. Donovan

HomeAdditionPlus.com’s recently announced HouseSight service is seeing rapid adoption as it has attracted scores of homeowners and home building contractors alike. Many new HouseSight members are posting their own home remodeling or construction projects and others are simply joining so that they can interact with other members. With HouseSight’s internal member messaging, commenting, and project and contractor ranking utilities, it creates the perfect environment for homeowners and contractors to share home improvement knowledge, ideas and opinions.

So what is HouseSight?

HouseSight is a free home improvement themed social networking web service that attracts homeowners, building contractors and others interested in anything home improvement related. HouseSight members can post and manage their home improvement projects, interact with other members, and share home remodeling experiences, photos, and knowledge. Members can even embed videos and include a link to their websites.

Why are Building Contractors becoming HouseSight members?

Many building and home remodeling contractors have become HouseSight members for one main reason, business opportunity. HomeAdditionPlus.com and HouseSight, combined, receive nearly 500,000 visitors per month from all over the United States and world. That’s a lot of potential customers, and in today’s housing construction environment, any new way to market your business can’t hurt. Particularly when it’s free! Yes, there are no costs for becoming a HouseSight member.

Also, many of the new HouseSight project pages created by building contractors are seeing phenomenal Google and Yahoo search engine results, due to HomeAdditionPlus.com’s huge popularity in the home improvement web world. Do a Google search on any HouseSight project and more than likely it will be on page one of a Google search results page. For example, when an interested home buyer is looking for a contractor to build a custom home in Sherman Oaks, guess who is going to come to the top of a Google Search result, the HouseSight member who created the HouseSight Project Page with that title (Custom Home in Sherman Oaks).

So Why are Homeowners Signing Up for HouseSight?

Homeowners are registering for HouseSight so they can communicate directly with other members who have either completed, or are in the process of doing, home improvement projects that they are interested in. In addition, HouseSight provides them a venue for getting home improvement ideas due to the plethora of projects and their associated pictures, videos and project descriptions.

So whether you are a homeowner, builder, or a contractor in the home construction industry, register today and start getting great home improvement ideas and driving customers to your business. HouseSight registration is fast and simple, and again, it’s Free!!

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