Thursday, July 22, 2010

Foam Based Sealant for Closing Joints and Cracks

Owens Corning Announces New Foam Insulation Sealant to Complement its Batt Insulation Products

Mark J. Donovan

The new foam insulation sealant from Owens Corning is part of its EnergyCompleteTM insulation product line. The foam sealant is a low expanding air infiltration barrier product that utilizes a flexible seal technology that makes it ideal for using around doors and windows, as well as in sheathing joints and cracks. It is also ideal around duct work and construction joints.

Using a portable sprayer, it is easily applied and foams in places. In addition, it does not require the use of a mask or full body protection when applying it. Also, because of its low expansion level it is ideal to use around doors and windows.

The foam based sealant sets up in less than 30 minutes. Once fully set, batt insulation can then be installed over or adjacent to it.

Insulating with rolled or batt insulation around doors and windows and in construction seams is slow and ineffective in many cases. Using a foam sealant such as this product can save time and insulation installation costs, as well as make for a better insulated home.

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