Thursday, August 21, 2008

Use a Pneumatic Nail Gun when Installing Decking

By Mark J. Donovan

If you have plans for installing your own decking material, forget about using a hammer and look towards buying or renting a pneumatic nail gun.

Installing decking material can be a slow and painful process when using a hammer. A pneumatic nail gun on the other hand, can make short work of a decking installation project. In addition, you won’t get “tennis elbow” and you will get a better finished product. With hammer and nails, there are issues that include dealing with bent nails, bad angles for hammering, hammer dents, and inconsistent nail depth.

When looking at nail guns you want to make sure you buy or rent the right type of pneumatic nail gun for your deck installation project. You want to select one that is designed for both framing and decking applications. The Senco #1G0003N Clipped Framing Nailer is an ideal choice as it is light weight, easy to hold, and has an angled magazine for holding nail clips. The nail depth and exhaust are both adjustable. This pneumatic nail gun will handle almost any type of home remodeling framing/construction project as it supports nails lengths from 2” to 3.5”.

Installing a deck is a home improvement project that many homeowners can tackle. However, before deciding on such a path, consider renting or buying a pneumatic nail gun. It will make the job a much more enjoyable project, and you will end up with a better finished product.

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