Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I’m Buying a Portable Electric Generator for the Home

By Mark J. Donovan

Today I decided that it is finally time to buy a portable electric generator for the home. I have been putting off buying a portable electric generator for years, but no longer. After spending the past 24 hours in a frigid home due to an ice storm and a subsequent loss of electricity, I told myself today – No More.

As the sun was setting and I was contemplating how I was going to keep my plumbing pipes from freezing this evening the electricity finally came back on. However, only after the freezer defrosted and several trips to the creek to fill buckets of water to flush toilets.

Next week, when Home Depot has replenished its portable electric generator supplies, I’ll be there, credit card in hand. Unlike 5 years ago, this time I mean it!

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